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Web Consulting

With the language of the internet changing hour by hour a consultation could require a dictionary, but SafariWebWorx can provide insight into the world of web development and what it can do for your company or origination. So many of our clients come to us with the impression that a web site for their company will instantly transform them into another business superstar. Like any other form of advertising a concise plan utilizing the correct web technologies needs to be planned, constructed then implemented.
Just like a “Direct Mail Campaign” A web site must have the proper information to get your message across. Just to name a few you will need to define:
  • Who is your target audience
  • What income level are you targeting
  • How will your audience find you on the web
  • Are you providing information or offering a product
  • How will your audience contact you
  • How will you update your site
  • Will you build the site once or plan for the future now